ZQ300 Mobila - Etikettskrivare

Kvittoskrivare - termiskt papper - Rulle (5,8 cm)
203 dpi - upp till 101.6 mm/sek - USB 2.0, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 LE - avrivningsstång


The mobile printing capabilities in your retail store directly impact customer service quality and associate productivity. The ZQ310 allows associates to print receipts anywhere in the store to prevent abandoned sales, improve the shopper experience and increase revenue. And with on-the-spot printing of labels, associates can complete markups, markdowns and shelf label audits faster, preventing costly pricing errors.


One printer - dual capabilities: receipts and labels

Now, one printer can do double duty: the same printer your store associates use to print receipts for point of sale transactions can also print labels for shelves as well as item markdowns and markups.

Print inside - and outdoors

If your retail store has outdoor departments, no problem. With IP54 sealing and support for water-resistant media, you can count on legible text and scannable barcodes, even when printing in the rain or snow.

Sleek consumer styling on the outside with superior Zebra industrial design on the inside

You get the best of both worlds with the ZQ300 Series. The lightweight design ensures user comfort all shift long. The slim profile makes it easy to use in tight spaces and cramped aisles without bumping into fixtures or walls. And while its contemporary look fits right into the most design conscious retail store, you get the durability for which Zebra is famous.

Advanced wireless connections for faster printing

Enjoy superior printing speeds and power efficiency with advanced Bluetooth connectivity, Bluetooth 4.0 Classic and Low Energy. And with support for WLAN 802.11ac and Wi-Fi security protocols, you get blazing fast and secure connections whether you connect the ZQ300 Series to a host mobile device or a Wi-Fi network.

Robust and reliable connectivity

Zebra's patented Power Smart Print Technology offloads processing from the printer CPU, freeing up processing power to better manage wireless communications. The result? More consistent and dependable wireless connections for maximum productivity.

Split-second tap-to-pair simplicity

The integrated NFC tag allows users to pair the ZQ300 Series with any Zebra NFC-enabled mobile device with a quick tap - no more scanning barcodes, manually configuring devices for discovery or accidental pairing with another nearby device. Even new and temporary workers are up and running in seconds, without having to call for support.

Power-saving sleep mode with instant wake

This intelligent printer automatically enters sleep mode when it is idle, and automatically wakes up upon receipt of a printing job - no need for workers to remember to turn off the printer to save power.


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